1 hour can save your home

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends that chimney's are inspected yearly and cleaned at least every 2 years. At Kings Chimney and Fireplace Inc. our goal is to ensure that your burning system is safe to use and functions properly.

We use a simple process to clean the chimney:

  • We cover your floor with either tarps or sheets to make sure your carpet doesn’t get dirty and then set up a vacuum cleaner to collect dust.
  • We sweep the flue from the roof and from the firebox simultaneously, with the vacuum running to capture the soot.
  • We use poly brushes and rods on the flue and hand held brushes in  the firebox.
  • After cleaning the flue we do a 21 point inspection of the body of the chimney and will let you know of any issues.

This process usually takes between 45 minutes to 1 hour. Sometimes it can take a little longer depending on the amount of soot and the configuration of the flue (s).

Prices for this service can vary because every system is different. Baseline is $135.00 and that includes the inspection. If you have an insert that needs to be pulled, a bees nest, a raccoon or other extenuating circumstances you can expect the price to go up a little.

We are open Monday-Saturday to take calls and book your sweep.